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Check Out 10 Unusual Schools In The World (PHOTOS)

Education is very important and is currently recognized by many societies around the world. However, people's views on normal education differs as some view it as boring, traditional method aggressive and counter productive. Due to such difference in views, some individuals have come up with their new ways of teaching and schooling. They therefore adopted unusual ways of teaching and what to teach. Thus, that brings us to our topic of unusual schools in the world;

1. The Train Platform Schools, India.

Unique feature: They brings schools to kids who cannot afford an education.

2.The Makoko floating school, Nigeria.

Unique feature: The school floats on water and can accommodate about 100 learners.

3. World's Greenest School, Indonesia.

Unique feature: The school is sustained wholly by natural resources.

4. Cubical School Denmark.

Unique feature: Have sections called 'drums' where learners can sit and think.

5. The School of the real world, USA.

Unique feature: They let learners focus on whatever they want to focus on.

6. The school of silicon valley.

Unique feature: They have hi tech equipments to improve creativity of students. They are strictly against traditional approaches.

7. The Brightest Elementary School, Sweden.

Unique feature: Have turned corridors into libraries.

8. Trabajo Ya Spain.

Unique feature: provide professional courses in prostitution.

9. Gender Neutral school, Sweden.

Unique feature: Here, there is no he or she, all genders are treated equally.

10. Sudbury School, USA.

Unique feature: Here, students decide how to evaluate themselves, what they wish to study and on which day.

In the meantime, thank you for reading my article.

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