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How A Baby's Skulls Looks Like After Birth And Before Losing Their Baby Teeth

The photo below shows how a baby's skull looks like after birth and before he/she looses the teeth commonly known as milk teeth. The babies skull are packed with both milk teeth and permanent teeth unlike in adults skulls which are only packed with permanent teeth.

(Photo Below| Baby's Skull)

Skull forms a head in creatures with vertebrates and it protects the brain and supports the face structure. Skull is formed by different and multiple bones and sutures are the junctions between the bones.

(Photo| Full Grown Skull)

Babies skulls are soft when they are born. With this soft skull, baby will pass through the birth canal easily. Soft skulls makes a baby more vulnerable to injuries, babies should always be treated with care. Their skull can be easily deformed by blows and damage the brain. It takes approximately 2 years after birth for the skull to be fully formed.

As the baby's brain grows, the skull also grows. Brain growth will make the sutures to be filled with flexible material that will lead to new bone formation and skull bones enlargement.

(Photo| Baby's Skull)

Skulls of babies are packed with so many teeth on their jaw even before they erupt in the gums. They are packed with both permanent and milk teeth as shown in the picture below.

(Photo| Baby's Skull)

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