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What Your Wife Should Know

So here is what my wife said that almost ended our marriage, this is still all about my low eating habit which is why I was totally surprised. Three months after the birth of our first child we traveled home with the Child on the 2nd day of January 2016.

At home everyone was admiring my wife and my Son, my wife added some flesh just three months after Childbirth as she was still breastfeeding.

My Son was fat, at birth he weighed 4kg then after three months, even though he was on exclusive breastfeeding he was twice that weight and more so when one of my relatives saw my Son and my wife she quipped, Austin your family is looking so cute except you, she went further to say YOU STILL LOOK AS IF YOU ARE NOT YET MARRIED.

I told her to be sure that I will forever look the same. At this point I realized that my dear wife was no longer laughing, her mood changed automatically, what could be the problem? I couldn't figure it out.

When I tried to inquire if everything was alright she assured me that everything was OK, later she cheered up and I forgot about the mood switch that occurred.

Then one Saturday afternoon my wife served me a heavy food that was equal to what I was consuming at home with two of my brothers.

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