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My Parents Killed My Brother Because He Was Disabled However Things Changed After I Was Born- George

George Njoroge from Kiambu painfully narrates how his parents killed his first brother because he was disabled. They believed that it was was a taboo to give birth to a disabled baby until when they gave birth to him and he was also disabled.

According to George he was born and raised in Kiambu in a family of five children and he was the third born. He claimed that his parents told him that they had Killed his first born brother because he was born without legs.

This was a taboo in their culture and they believed that it was a bad omen to have a baby with disabilities. So immediately after his brother was Born he was killed by his parents. They went ahead and gave birth to two more normal children, and they were glad that the bad omen had left their home.

Unfortunately when they tried for their third child they gave birth to George. He not only la ked legs but also hands. This shocked them and they didn't know what to do. They were not ready to kill another child in their family and they decided to keep him as they figured out what to do with him.

"My Parents were not ready to kill another child and this saved my life." George said.

As time went by they started loving him. He was a jovial child who loved to laugh and play. They saw that he had started learning to do things for himself and they allowed him to live. He grew older and with his disability he got a job and helped his pare and pay for his siblings school fees.

He was the first person in his village to meet the first president Mzee jomo Kenyatta. He became a star and married a beautiful wife. They were blessed with six healthy and normal children who have given him many grandchildren.

He had adviced people not to look down on people woth disability because they have a fair chance to live and change lives like normal people.

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George George Njoroge Kiambu


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