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Who Is to Blame Father , Son or Shopkeeper

There are four rights of passage in human life. Most people go through these stages of life, now I remember when I was a child my dad used to send me to the shop to buy some stuffs.

Always I could compose a song so that I can't forget what I was sent. On the way I could meet friends we play a little bit and in the process you may forget what you were sent.

I ensures that I keenly followed the instructions from my parents. That is the case with little children they always follow instructions given.

Now here is a situation where a father sent his son to a shop to buy 2kgs of sugar. The son keenly followed the instructions. At the shop , the shopkeeper gave him four halves but the boy rejected and went back home. He told his father that in the shop there was no 2kg sugar but only four halves.

His father sent him back and told him that four halves makes 2kg , in addition he told him to bring a newspaper of Saturday date 8. He was given sugar and asked for the magazine of date 8 , unfortunately there was no magazine for date 8 but for date 4 , so they boy told the shopkeeper to give him 2 Magazines of date 4 .

Now who's is to blame? Father, son or shopkeeper?

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