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Pregnancy period

How To Keep Your Pregnancy Healthy And Ensure A Safe Baby Delivery

Many women do not know how to keep their pregnancy health thus ending up giving birth to unhealthy babies. To assist you, studies taken by an American Society Practice Commitee for Reproductive Medicine have recommended some tips to help you deliver safely. Remember, everyone needs a health baby and a safe delivery.

These tips include:

1. Avoid sex after ovulation.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, ovulation typically occurs 12-16 days before your next period. Females are advised to focus on the days leading up to the time when they ovulate. After ovulation which takes 3 to 4 weeks, avoid sex.

2. Don't Exercise too much but have fun.

Going too overboard and exercising to exhaustion has been shown to negatively affect the reproductive system and hence making it harder to get pregnant. However, consistently working up a sweat and elevating your heart rate before getting pregnant it's great for your health and fertility.

3. Quit smoking and avoid alcohol.

Studies have shown that woman who smoke and take alcohol take longer to get pregnant and have an increased risk of infertility. They increase risks of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and lower birth weights. Hence if you want to get pregnant and give birth well, quit smoking and taking alcohol.

4. Eat a well balanced diet and drink plenty of water.

You need to eat well before missing your periods. Balanced diet includes carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. They help in building the body well for a health birth. Also, curbing excess caffeine will help. Water keeps the body hydrated thus making transportation of nutrients to the foetus easy.

5. Get enough sleep.

Odd sleep and wake cycles can throw off the mentrual cycle which is unlikely lead to infertility but could make getting pregnancy quickly more difficult.

6. Take prenatal vitamins.

According to CDC, taking vitamin B makes the body healthier, promotes ovulation, improves fertility and also helps prevent birth defects of the baby's brain and spine etc.

7. De-stress yourself anyway you can.

Stress can affect the foetus if not avoided. You should not be afraid of starting a family. Instead, just relax and it will happen.

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