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Pregnancy period

The number one and safest method of family planning.

Family planning is a way of controlling birth. There are a long list of methods to use in family planning. Here, I am giving you one of the he best and safest method to use and its advantages.

The contraceptive implant.

This is the super effective and convenient way to prevent pregnancy for upto five years. It gives you a long term protection against pregnancy and it is over 99% effective.

It is the best because of the following advantages.

1. It makes your periods better.

It helps you cut down on period cramps by making it lighter. For some people, implant stops periods for upto one year.

2. Implant is convenient and private.

Once your Nexplanon is in you, you barely have to think about it. There is no daily checkup. It works untill it expires or you choose to take it out.

Nobody will know about your implant unless you tell them about it. It will always remain your privacy.

3. Implant only have one hormone.

Many hormonal birth control methods contain two hormones, estrogen and progestine. Some individuals with health problems can't use estrogen. So they use Nexplanon because it contains only progestine hormone.

4. You can get pregnant after taking out your implant.

Nexplanon is reversible. If you desire to have a baby, you can get it removed at any time. It won't affect your fertility in anyway. You will get pregnant just perfectly well after removing it.

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