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Pregnancy period

List Of Things A pregnant Woman Is Required To Consume To Give Birth To An Intelligent Babies

Its is a normal process but very hard for a pregnant woman to control. Women go through tough situations when they exprience this process.There are different things that expecting mothers should do to enable them to give birth to healthy and brilliant children. The kinds of food that they consume also affect their babies' development and therefore they should take keen observations of them. Here are a list of some of things that pregnant women should observe when she is pregnant;

1.Eat healthy food:

Pregnant women should eat healthy food such as fruits and vegetables for the healthy growth and development of their baby inside the womb, This is because healthy meals improve the baby's brain development and growth. The foetal brain also requires some of the essential nutrients like omega-3 and fatty acids for brain development.

2. Vitamin D:

The Vitamin D from the sun is essential for healthy borns and teeth as the mother also passes it to the growing baby. lack of enough sunshine can lead to autism in infants.

3. Communicate to your foetus:

It is required that as a mother to be you should be communicating to your unborn baby by massaging your belly and talking as well. Gently stroking your abdomen will also stimulate your kid to be able to respond to stimuli with increased activity. They can readily know their mother's voice even outside the womb, which will promote their brain development.

4. Avoid alcohol:

Avoid drugs like alcohol. During the pregnancy period, mothers are not advised to take in alcohol as the can affect the development of foetus. This is because alcohol can cause brain development disorders in the fetus.

5. Exercise your body:

Take one or two exiercises a day. Exercise is beneficial to the baby because endorphins, often known as feel-good chemicals, are released in your body and passed on to your growing fetus, assisting in the development of the kid's brain.

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