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Understanding baby rashes and its treatment

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Also known as poor hygiene rash.

It is dominant by the neck and cheeks nowhere else.

Results from lack of changing clothes and cleaning the face incase there are food spills after feeding.


Common in children with or without overdressing.

Can sometimes lead to sepsis where the rashes are pus filled or water filled.

They are due to gentle skin at birth which shed off with time and also poor heat regulations by babies.

It ends up on its own but usually might need ampiclox, amoxylin and zupricin.


This are ringworm like small rashes throughout the body or localized to one area.

They are very itchy and irritating to babies, even adults.

They are most often mistaken for worms.

Most of them occur due to second hand clothes poorly washed, being infected with other people who have the parasites and also can happen due to food reactions.

They need extraderm and sudocream.

They can stay longer and as they limit they can leave patches (versicolor)


Thick skins which are characterized by fungus usually on the heads.

Newborns it can be cradle cap with will clean itself as they grow.

Occur more due to poor hair hygiene in girls and in boys they occur due to environmental exposure.

Use griseofulvin, scrub the thick skin and apply extraderm, use fluconazole syrup too.

They are persistent.


As the name goes, they occur due to too much heat in the diapers.

Sometimes they just occur even when you change diapers regularly or use a single brand throughout.

In that case make sure you stop using diapers completely and use mcntosh

Manage with clotrimazole.


Presents with swollen vagina or penis tip.

Usually due to very poor hygiene or staying very long hours with diapers.

The labia’s are red or the tip of penis red too.


Use clotrimazole.


Most common childhood problem.

Dry flaky scaly skin and rashes all over the body.

Inborn allergies that exists in families.

Cannot be easily avoided just learning to live with it.

Needs special oils like oilatum, bennets, sebamed, epimax, sudocream, dermal emollient.

In addition, need special soaps like oilatum, ballets, dove, Dettol eventone.

Needs patience. Can last lifelong or by age 5 its gone.

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