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"He Never Liked School, He Always Ran Away, " Masten Wanjala's Father Reveals How His Son Started

Masten Wanjala's father has given more details about the kind of life Masten Wanjala lived and how he started. At first, he was a good boy but things fell apart when he started loosing interest in going to school. It came a time when he would avoid school completely, this is the time parents discovered something was disturbing him.

The person who brought up Anthony has revealed that Anthony would always run away from school and spend almost a month.

Their first conflict was over school.

"He didn't like school. He always ran away He would stay away sometimes for an entire month without appearing in class. This happened even during Masten's formative years in primary school.

It has been revealed that a certain evil spirit started entering Masten Wanjala when in primary and started changing his character from there. It said that he started loving it to spend more time out of school.

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