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How to Make Your Breast Firm Again After Lactating and Birth Process.

Breasts are made of fat and connective tissues. The absence of muscles in breasts make them deserve a proper care to keep them in good shape like most women desires.

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During the pregnant and lactating period, female bodies undergo a lot of changes which may also make the breast bend and look unattractive. However, ladies can regain the firmness of their blossoms using the following home remedies.

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Wear a well fitting bra - wear the best size of your bra especially those with the caps and a ring on the lower part to support your breast.

Exercise - some exercises like push ups, moving the wall, the castle and hand rotation will help keep your breast firm.

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Egg white - beat one egg white until you get a foamy texture. Apply it onto your breast in an upward direction. Leave it for thirty minutes and then remove the paste with an onion juice and then wash it with cold water. Do it once a week for better results.

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Massage your boobs using olive oil - put some olive oil in your hands and rub them together. Place your hands on each breast and make small circles around them in a gentle massaging.

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