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Pregnancy period

Tips to prevent miscarriage for the safety of newborn

Miscarriage also known as spontaneous abortion is an event that results in the loss of foetus before 20 weeks of pregnancy.

It is caused by genetic abnormalities in the foetus. However, not all miscarriages are caused by by abnormalities. Health lifestyle before and during pregnancy may help to guard.

The following are tips that helps to guard on miscarriages;

1. Be sure to take at least 400 mcg of folic acid everyday, beginning at least one to two months before conception.

2. Eat well balance diet. This ensures that the required nutrients are provided to the body.

3. Make sure you are up to date on immunization.

4. Avoid radiation and poison such as benzene and ethylene oxide

5. Take special care to keep abdomen safe when pregnant.

6. Avoid sport that Carry higher risk for injury such as skiing.

7. Avoid environmental hazard such as X- rays and infectious diseases.

8. Don't smoke and stay away from second- hand smoke.

9. Keep your weight within normal limit.

10. Check with my your health care before taking any medication including over- the- counter drug during pregnancy.

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