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Willis Raburu's Fiancee Ivy Namu Reveals That She Is Exhausted With Raising Two Babies

Having babies is a great feeling and spending time with them can be so exciting but at times it can be so overwhelming especially trying to balance parenthood and personal life.

Ivy Namu who is a content creator has gone to social media to explain why she had not been posting regularly. She says being a mother to two babies had been so hard and balancing time for the kids and being on social has become so difficult.

She says one of what she does has had to suffer and that is posting on social media.

"Last couple of weeks, I've been feeling overwhelmed with being present and intentional with my kids and finding the balance with myself as well, I'm just not feeling that up to it anymore, so I'm just going to go with the flow and post less. Just trying to find space to breathe that's all," she posted on her Instagram status.

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Ivy Namu


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