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Parents Should Embrace Small Sports Activities that Keep Children Busy Over Weekends and Holidays

Several parents, teachers, individuals, children care organisations and stakeholders have come up with a number of sports club activities to keep children busy over holidays and weekends. Children in slummy and middle class residences are more targeted because they lack finances to maybe join academies dealing with sports of their interest. This article is to sensitise parents on such kind of activities and therefore allow their children to participate in them.

Sports activities are loved by many preteen and teens. Luckily several young and old coaches are volunteering to coach youngsters from different parts of the country without demanding a cent. These volunteers, who are only passionate about coaching, the games they coach and the kids they coach, go as fare as sourcing for sponsors or even sponsoring tournaments for the kids.

Photo: Kids playing a friendly match on Lucky Summer Grounds Nairobi. Young Men who teach these clubs are mere volunteers, Photo Courtesy

Many residential estates in Nairobi currently have amateur spots clubs, especially football. And if you follow up, you'll notice the coaches are not paid anything to coach these kids, not unless a well-wisher spots them and decides to maybe get them some jerseys and a ball. Parents should therefore consider these activities an opportunity for their kids to grow their talents.

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Besides nurturing talents, these sports activities and clubs also help children shy away from negativities and unethical dealings. In slummy areas for example Nairobi's Kibera, Korogocho, Dandora and Mathare, idle kids would most probably be tempted to engage in petty crimes and misconducts. Getting something like sports to keep them busy keeps their minds off opportunities for misconducts. What the kids need is being promised to one day achieve great things for the little they do.

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Considering the rate of unemployment in the country, talents should also be prioritized and nurtured as alternative to educational careers. Gone are the days when parents flogged their kids for choosing sports and other activities over educational curriculum.

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Lucky Summer Grounds Nairobi


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