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Early possible signs you are expecting a baby girl

When you are pregnant, some people may give you advice or tell stories how one can predict the unborn baby's sex. While it is interesting to guess the sex of the baby through unscientific method. You can't rely on them like you would on medical procedure.

Fetal heart rate is high and carrying high

It is said that if the heart rate of the baby is high and above 140-160 beats per minute, it indicates that you are having a baby girl. Another age old belief says that if you appear to Carry your baby higher is also a sign of a female baby.

Severe morning sickness & skin and hair changes

The common belief is the severe morning sickness is a clear sign that you are expecting a baby girl. Some people also believe that oil skin and dull hair are sign of having a baby girl.

Carrying in the middle

Another belief is that if your belly protrudes the front and look pointed, it is a sign that you are having a boy. If you belly weight accumulates in the middle , making it look round, then the belief is that you going to have a girl.

Mood swings and breast size

Sudden mood swings, such as extreme irritation, depression and anger are believed to indicate that you are probably carrying a baby girl. Another myth is that if the left breast appear slightly bigger than the right one then is a girl.

Linea nigra

It is believed that the dark line that appears on your bump can also indicate the sign. If the line continue to stretch above the belly button, it is a baby boy. If the line finishes below the belly button, it is a baby girl.

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