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Statements Parents Make That Slowly 'Kill' Their Children

When a child does something wrong, parents tends to shout at them and saying insults in an attempt to correct them. In that process, they end up making utterances that will affect their children forever. Below are words parents say that their children will never forget.

Why cant you be like so and so?

This is a common phrase in a lot of parents vocabulary. They tend to compare their children with others who they feel are doing a lot better as to their own. This has the effect of making your child think that s/he is not worthy in your eyes.

You cant even do something well. This is another phrase that kills your child self esteem to a point of no return. This statement will always ring in the head of your child to connote that he cannot accomplish anything in his life. It will reach a point that the child will even stop trying since the mind ha adjusted that he is useless.

You are just like you father. This statement can go either way, it can come from the mothers or the fathers. If the other parent is not living up to his responsibility, it will be so wrong to compare your child to that parent so as to prove a point of how useless your child is. This will not only cause division in your family but will also destroy your childs mindset.

Lastly, parents should endeavor to correct their children in love. It wount hurt to tell a child calmly that whatever s/he has done is wrong. This will even be morr effective as the child will listen to you.

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