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Things that parents should never allow their children to play with.

Did you know that there are things or object that we as parents cannot allow our children to play with?. It's not because we hate them , but it's because we love and care for them. These things include the following;

1. Any sharp objects.

We should never keep any sharp objects like knives , razor blades and so on . These sharp objects might end up in the children hands , and the children may use the unnecessarily to cut themselves or other kids they play with. To avoid these accidents parents are advised to keep all the sharp objects out of children's reach.

2. Water

Children should not be allowed to play with water as they wish . parents should keep their compounds clean and properly drained. Proper drainage is highly recommend since there have been an increased deaths of young lovely kids who drowned inside basin water some are in the hospital for that.

The doctors recommend the parents to feed their children a balanced diet. This is to make them healthier and immune to diseases.

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