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Reasons For Infertility In Goats

For starters,infertility in male goats(bucks) is quite rare. If at ll bucks are unable to make their female counterparts pregnant,it may be due to nutritional deficiencies. Another reason could be low sperm count due to advanced age. Further still, some male goats may have body pains that make it difficult for them to mount females, according to Kenya Agricultural And Research Organization (

Genetic Problems

Although this is rare,in fact genetics only account for 1% inability to get pregnant,it is also a reason nonetheless. To determine whether your goat has genetic disorders that prohibit it from conceiving,consult with your vet doctor. But as I mentioned before,the major reason for goat infertility is mineral deficiency especially copper and selenium..

Another reason that will cause your goat not to get pregnant is an improperly assisted delivery. A person who assists the goat to deliver may cause an infection to the goat's uterus hence rendering it temporarily infertile. However, this situation can easily be treated with antibiotics.

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Kenya Agricultural And Research Organization


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