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"For Six Years i Never Had Access to Sanitary Towels. I Now Give Them to Young Girls." Flo

Her difficulties in life started when she gave birth to her firstborn child. She got pregnant when she had come to stay with her auntie here in Nairobi after she completed her form four. Being naive and innocent she fell in love. Later she got pregnant. Unfortunately, the father of the child was nowhere bro be found. Luckily one of her friends who lived around Nairobi decided to accommodate her.

Her friend did small odd jobs because she was not employed. Flo says that the friend always left for her sh 20 in the morning. The condition of the house they were living in was terrible. By this time Flo was jobless. Through patience and perseverance, Flo was able to overcome all. Her friend supported her very much. When the time to give birth came, Flo didn't have clothes for the baby. Luckily one of her friends came and helped her.

"I remember wrapping my child with bedsheets because I had no money to buy clothes." She adds. Even food was hard to get. Her major problem was that she didn't have money to buy sanitary towels. Flo says that it took her more than six years to be able to afford sanitary towels.

Flo later decides to go to her parents home. Life in the upcountry was not easy. Both parents were farmers. But through God's grace Flo was able to get a teaching job. "Because I had no sanitary towels I could wait until the last pupil in the school had. I could later check on where I was sitting in my dress was dirty." She says. Flo was able to join college.

All this time her parents took care of her child. They supported her in a big way. Through a connection with friends, Flo was able to get a job. Her life took a different twist. She now lives a good life with her child. Through the hardships, she went through in life Flo was able to start an NGO. She aimed to support young girls by buying them sanitary towels. During the Corona season, she was able to give many girls sanitary towels. She mostly visited the children who live in slums.

Many of the parents were jobless. Apart from giving sanitary towels she also gave people food. Because of the hardships, she went through in life she decided to be generous to others. She hopes to reach many girls shortly. She hopes that one day the child will live a good life.

How did you change a person's life during the corona period?

Giving is not just about making a donation it's about making a difference. It's not how much we give but much we give because of love

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Flo Nairobi


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