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5 Reasons Why Mum And Dad's Seats Always placed on Left Hand Side of Entrance Door into The House

The basic human needs are mainly three; food, clothing and shelter. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that these basic needs are provided.

Ideally, one needs food to regain strength necessary for doing work. Therefore, in families where getting even some little amount of food is a problem, children tend to suffer many health problems. As a result of hunger, some may decide to abandon their families to become street children.

Likewise, shelter is another important aspect that normally comes first before one thinks of starting a family. People have different types of houses with different designs. However, their is one common aspect that these houses share in common. That is, the location of seats of the father and mother in the house. In my survey, these seats are located on your left hand side just as you enter the house using the main door.

The reason why they are located like this can be as a result of the following:

1. It's a culture that is being transmitted from generation to generation.

2. The seats are closer to the entrance door to enable the parents to easily spot any stranger or visitor coming from the gate.

3. To make the seats closer to the door to either bedroom or store. This give the parents ample time to monitor whoever enters or leaves the store or bedroom.

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