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I Took my Madam's Baby in Saudi Arabia To Breastfeed Him Without Knowing That She Was Dead- Rose

Rose Nasimiyu from Bungoma has narrated how she took the baby to her madam's room to breastfeed him without knowing that she was already dead.

According to Rose, she decided to go to Saudia to help her mother get treatment since they lacked the money to take her to the hospital, After she landed there she was picked up by her boss from the office and they passed to a supermarket and did shopping for the things she needed.

When they arrived home the madam didn't talk to her but because she was pregnant she assumed it was because of the pregnancy and that is why she had an attitude towards her, Rose says that she realized her madam was so quiet and whenever her husband would come they couldn't talk much.

After three months she heard her madam crying in her room and because she was pregnant she thought that something had happened to her and she went to check up on her only to find her husband beating her, she tried to stop her boss but she was warned never to say anything that happened in that house.

Rose says that when her madam was due she heard her crying at her room door and when she opened the madam was bleeding and she asked her to help her, she contacted her boss to come and take her to the hospital but he didn't respond and that when he googled for an ambulance and it came and took her to the hospital.

After a few days, the madam came back to the house and thanked rose for taking care of her, they became very close and she opened up to her that her husband and the inlaws wants to get rid of her because she was born in that house out of wedlock since her mother was working there as a house girl.

Her brother on law moved in with them and she could tell that everything was not okay since they warn her not to ever tell anyone anything that always happens in that house, one day Rose saw the brother-in-law living in her Madam's bedroom which was not allowed but because she was warned not to ever anything she kept quiet.

That same day she went to take the baby to breastfeed but she realized her madam was sleeping and she took the baby with her because he was crying and didn't want to bother her not knowing that she was already dead and the brother-in-law had already killed her.

When her boss came into the house she informed her that the madam had died and warned her not to say anything to the police, she was questioned by the police and she said she knew nothing. after the burial, her boss told her to lie to the office that someone at home had died and she had to go and bury him and then come back and that is how she came back home.

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