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Pregnancy period

7 Signs of Early Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body may experience physical, emotional, and physical changes. These changes may happen in different ways. These are the signs of pregnancy you need to know.

You develop skin tags on your body

Skin tags are fresh skin growths. They develop on your during pregnancy. This occurs due to changes in hormone levels, or weight gain. The skin tags disappear after you have given birth.

You have a watery mouth

Nausea and vomiting causes excess saliva. Some pregnant women may need paper cups or tissues. The tissues are used to control excess saliva. 

Food tastes like metal to you

When you are pregnant, food may taste sour and metallic to you. This phenomenon is called dysgeusia. Rinsing your teeth with salt, or eating acidic foods can remove the sour taste.

Your gums are sore

During pregnancy, changes in diet and hormone levels may cause sore leading to bleeding gums. The process is called pregnancy gingivitis. However, the gum disease will disappear after a certain period of time. When you desire to ease the soreness, practice good oral hygiene with gentle brushing. 

Your nose is runny

20% of pregnant women who experience a runny nose are affected by pregnancy rhinitis. These symptoms are temporary, thus they can be treated with regular exercise, humidifiers, nasal sprays, and decongestants.

You become short of breath

Changes in hormone levels during pregnancy may result shortness of breath. Practicing good posture and mindful breathing techniques, improves your breathing during pregnancy.

You develop a strong sense of smell

During pregnancy period, women may have a strong sense of smell called hyperosmia. This may be towards perfumes, coffee, gasoline, or spoiled foods. However, this condition of hyperosmia is temporary thus, it ends after the first trimester.

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