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10 Major Mistakes of Modern Fathers

Everything depends on the peculiarities of the child's personality. But a lot of things depend on the parents. Some want to raise a successful businessman, others want their child to be just happy. The creative combination of these qualities creates different styles of education.

Methods of education and techniques are different, but one thing they all have in common: they do not have to be damaging to the children's psychology. We must educate not so much educated and skilled children as self-confident individuals who know how to interact in society.

During education, all the responsibility is taken by their fathers, so it is less worth listening to the opinions of others.

Sociologists say that many of today's young people consider themselves to be deprived people, although they grew up in peace and affection, and did not know the problems. Yet they are not despicable. The point is that most parents care so much about their children that they literally do not allow them to fall and hurt themselves.

We must bear in mind that children must make mistakes and learn from them. All this experience is unappreciated by everyone.

Here are 10 of the most widespread mistakes that almost all modern young fathers make.

10 You worship your children

Do not try to be ideal fathers who always try to please their own children. It is necessary to be able to clearly set limits and learn to tell children "no. The point is that others will not worship your children as you do now.

They will not be able to live with others because they begin to think that the whole world is wrapped around them. And because of this created perception of the world they will not be able to realize themselves. These children grow up to be hisists. Stop doing all the fun of the child, they also need to learn patience. Do not take everything at once - it is okay.

9 You think your children are wonderful.

If your child has done something wrong, don't tell them the truth. To raise an adequate and well-behaved person in the future, you must teach them to distinguish between good and bad. As soon as the child smells from you the phrase "all children are like this" and something like that, she will think that they are doing everything right.

The best education: a discipline based on love.

Also learn to accept constructive criticism of your own child. If everyone else tells you that your child is behaving badly, don't protect her. Often parents are angry at teachers, not children. But this is the biggest mistake.

8 Your whole life is your children.

We love and adore our own children and very often we reduce our lives to them. We should not forget that our children are full-fledged individuals with their own desires and plans. By no means can we forget about ourselves when our children come into the world. The child needs to know that grown-ups have their own interests and pleasures. And we must take it into account! If you want your child to live a full life, live it yourself

7. You make decisions for them Yourself

The worst part is that modern fathers do not let their children make decisions on their own. Parents choose for their children, their car, their friends, their clothes, etc.

Overprotective care is just as dangerous as lack of it. But sometimes turbot can be interesting. Especially when children grow up. It is necessary to train a child to self-sufficiency. Encourage any initiative that comes from the child.

6. Competitive education

We all want to raise our children to be the best. We cherish their successes and results. Often, because for parents it is the results that are important, but not the process, the children's psyche is broken.

It is better to try to pinch the child's mind that "victory at any price" - it is not the only thing that matters. A person is defined not by his or her victories, but by his or her character. And steadfastness.Mistake

5. You're spoiling their childhood

The happier your child's childhood, the more happy she will grow up to be. This is an imperative established by scientists.

Reliable way to relieve the child of his childhood - to engage him in school lessons, activities in the music school, learning foreign language, sports, etc. We also want our children to help us with household chores. But at the same time you should not forget that everyone has the right to childhood.

4. You want to have a "right" child, not a "real" child

Do not expect your child to be perfect in school, singing, swimming and soccer. Everyone has a certain talent. One child can not be given everything that you want. Be sensitive to the child and do not force her to cut her head off.

Do not make her become what you want her to be.

3. You forget that actions are more important than words.

Do not be annoyed by notifications. They are tedious and uninteresting for children. It is better to show a good example. Children take their fathers' behavior as a model. For example, they will imagine the life of the men the way his father's life is. If the child lays on the couch after work, does nothing at home, and goes home to get some food from time to time, the child will consider this behavior the norm.

2. Excessive thinking.

Very often the methods of education of the father and mother are incompatible with one another. The child does not understand the situation, and parents are only angry. Education must be shared between two fathers. It is not possible for the mother to forbid what the tato allows. Otherwise the child will simply get lost.

1. Failure to appreciate character

Every child is unique. Character determines the likeness and type of thinking. What is suitable for one child may be shkidlivym for another. When you guide your child, do not follow templates. Trust your inner feelings and the way you feel about your own child.

The most important thing is not to lead your child into the real world so that she is not afraid of any disadvantages.

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