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"Probability Of Having Internal Bleeding Was Very High" Diana Marua's Sister C-Section Story

Whether you have a c-section or a vaginal birth, both are to be applauded. Some women opt for elective C-sections, while others have medical reasons, such as prolonged labor, abnormal positioning, fetal distress, delivery of multiples, or their own chronic medical conditions.

On her Instastories, Diana Marua's sister, who is one the most celebrated make up artist in Kenya opened up on why she gave birth via cesarean.

"Alot of people have asked me why I opted for C-section as opposed to a normal delivery. I did consult a couple of doctors before my final consult with Dr Nyamu who was going to do the surgery"

Mitchell revealed that her doctors recommended a C-section to be on the safe side due to medical reasons. During her first pregnancy with her twins she had a c-section. So if she opted for a normal delivery the probability of her having internal bleeding and not knowing, when pushing during labour was very high.

"My first twin pregnancy was a CS. And I have now a scar. If I would have choosen to go with normal, the probability of me having bled internally in my uterus was high. Because of that scaring along that line."

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