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I Will Not Forget My Parents For Doing This To Me, Sad Story Of A Young Man Will Make You Cry

Forgiveness is about letting go of the past, moving on and focusing on the future. This might never happen for a young man who his biological parents abandoned just after giving birth to him.

Patrick was born a disabled child, something that was never his choice. The hands were disabled and the legs too were mysterious. Being that he was disabled his parents saw no use having him as their own and therefore abandoned him.

He was then taken in by his grandfather, Everest, who was on his way to visit his son who just got married and had just had their first baby. He saw a crowd gathered around abandoned child and being that he was familiar with him he recognised Patrick and took him in and raised him as his own.

However, life was never easy for them as it came a time when he had to go to school. The very fact that they could not afford a wheelchair even made it harder because the old man had to carry Patrick to school in the morning and when even came pick him up from school and carry him home. However, soon the old man could not carry him anymore as he grew older and therefore had to crawl to school by himself and back. And to prove that disability is not inability, Patrick gets the best grades in his class.

From a tender age his grandfather has been his mother and father. When time came, Everest chose to tell Patrick about his parents because he felt that he deserved to know the truth.

Patrick, according to Afrimax never want to see them and will never forgive them for doing such to him.

After his parents realised that he was still alive, they all felt guilty and never came to see or even speak to him. What is your view on Patrick's story?

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