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"Smart ooh." Mixed Reactions After Wangeci wa Kariuki Posted Her Hair on Facebook.

Importance of a Mother in the family.

1. Shows unconditional love to the children.

2. She acts as a financial controller.

3. Some are breadwinners in the family.

4. She acts as the manager of the family.

5. Gives hope to the family when things are not working well.

6. She acts as a pillar.

7. Holds the family together.

8. Acts as the first teacher to the children.

9. She is a household nurse and the best chef.

Her mother died when she was in high school. Fortunately, she never lost hope in life. Luckily her father came through and became a pillar in her life. Wangeci got married to her first love immediately after high school. "I never waited for my KCSE results. I just got married." She adds.

Mothers play big roles in society. Motherly love is needed for every child. Always appreciate your mother. She brought you up and took care of you. Make her life better today. Never neglect your mother.

In the recent past Wangeci, wa Kariuki posted a message on social media about her mother. Wangeci said that she wished her mother was alive to see her hair. When she was growing up her hair was not growing. It was very kinky such that she admired how other children had nice hair. Her mother always commented on her hair. Her hair is now grown.

She posted her long hair on Facebook. Through using organic products from her company, her hair is now soft, black and long. Many people commented on her Facebook stating that they need the product. Others congratulated her because of her beautiful hair. The hair also talks about your character.

The hair talks mostly about your personality, your lifestyle and how much money you earn. Nice hair gives you enough confidence in front of people. It also boosts your self-esteem and makes you look presentable. It also beautifies women.

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Kariuki Wangeci


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