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4 Easy Techniques to Get a Baby to Sleep in Seconds

Sometimes making a baby fall asleep can be so hard and stressing, an expert came up with the following few techniques you may try and see if they will work for you.

Try to get the baby to focus

When you are new in a certain place, you are so curious and you would like to know more about this place, this is the same case with babies, they move their eyes around their environment just out of curiosity to know some few things about their surroundings. The idea here is to make the baby concentrate the eyes on one thing especially if it is above their horizontal, the eyes will get tired and eventually they will close them.

Soothe the baby by passing your hand around their face

If the baby is actually somehow sleepy or drowsy, this technique will work perfectly, it is also easy to do; gently, without touching their face, pass you hand over the face and keep going around and around not back forth. Doing it in a slow manner will bring good results, repeat the process until the baby falls asleep

Gently wiggle them to sleep

The idea is to give the baby a sense of disorientation. It is very simple to go about it, when the baby is on your hands, place you hand on the baby’s back as shown and start wiggling gently( wiggle is actually the act of moving back or forward or side to side motion). This will also cause a little wiggle on the head causing a sense of disorientation.

Put it all together for the best results

This last technique is actually all of those techniques you may think of that is wiggling, rubbing their fingers, shushing and had passing among other. You just have to start this process in a fast or quick manner and slow down with time as the baby falls asleep. 

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