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Pregnancy period

Pregnant women, This is The Kinds Of Food You Should Stop Eating.

During pregnancy, ladies are always advised against eating some kinds of food. There are some foodstuffs which causes danger to both the child and the mother. It is however very important for expectant mothers to frequently visit a nutritionist so as to be able to know, what is good for her health.

Some of the food advised not to be taken by pregnant women includes, pineapples this is because, the pineapples is known to contain bromelain this substance usually induces labour contractions by softening the cervix before the appropriate time, therefore it can cause miscarriage. It can be however be taken during the early stages of pregnancy, here the chances of miscarriage is minimal.

Eating of junk food is so much discouraged, thus is because such kind of food, contain too much sugar. Consuming a lot of sugars can led to heart complications, diabetes as well as giving birth to an overweight baby.

Those women who are used to drinking a lot of alcohol, have to give it up for once during the pregnancy period. Alcohol is the worst thing to take during the noble period, this is because it damages the brain of the infant. Alcohol is also link to miscarriage and still birth in many women.

During the pregnancy period, expectant women should uphold a high level of hygiene. Vegetables and fruits should be clean properly to prevent infection such as toxoplasmosis. This kind of infection can be passed on from mother to the unborn child. It is therefore necessary for them to clean vegetables and fruits thoroughly before consuming.

According to the medical heath reports, when caffeine is taken moderately it is essential during pregnancy. However if taken in large amount it can be cause of miscarriage as well as an underweight child. Caffeine also such as coffee and tea has got a mild diuretic effect thus being discourage

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