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Pregnancy period

10 ways to behave when a woman is pregnant

1.Always observe your wife's feet during pregnancy, they often swell. Please give her a basin of water to soak her feet every now and then, this is one of the best treatments that women enjoy during pregnancy.

2. Ask her regularly how she is feeling and touch her belly to feel how your baby is kicking.

3.Tell her how beautiful she is during pregnancy, for example "Sweetheart, I see that pregnancy suits you very well, I'm going to impregnate you every month eh there you will always remain beautiful".

4.Don't get angry if she wakes you up at 2 a.m. to massage her feet. We too should feel a little uneasiness and pain. She shouldn't put up with them on her own, she's our baby, we have to carry her together.

5. It is nowhere written that we must stop making love during pregnancy. It's even the best time. My brother continues the labor that led to the pregnancy.

6. Don't be ashamed to bring her out. Take her every now and then to those places you used to go together. Don't walk too fast, know that she is carrying an extra person.

7.Even if she wakes you up at 1 a.m. and tells you to go buy her soybeans or braised fish, run at full speed.

Even if when you come back she tells you that she asked for the shawarma, don't get angry, just go and buy her her shawarma. It's not her fault, it's the baby she carries inside her that disturbs her tastes.

8. Help her put her nail polish on or clean them. Bending over while pregnant requires inordinate effort.

9.Don't be surprised when she has weird tastes. She may ask you to cook some rice for her, and change her mind right after smelling the scent coming out of the pot. Don't get angry, it's the child who does that.

10. If she tells you at midnight that she wants to suck the mango, take your torch and you will climb on the nearest mango tree, and do not get angry if she says after that it is the papaya that she is looking for. asked. It is the child who does.

Most of the time, I wonder what goes through men's hearts when they see their pregnant women. Do you think carrying a child for 9 months is easy?

I urge all men to get closer to their partner during pregnancy because it is one of her times when she needs you the most.

Congratulations to all the men who support their wives during pregnancy

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