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Fathers Are Heroes

30 Father-Son Quotes for Father's Day 2021 | Reader's DigestYou never wakes up late

You never complain about a bit

When everything is at the verge of breaking

You step in and saves the day

But you never boasts about itFather-Son Business Names

Sometimes you are depressed

Thinking about the future of your children

You are thirsty about success

Because all you want is a bright future for us

A bright future indeed, to make us see the end of the dark tunnel

You're a dad, and you're doing great

At fatherly duties you star

You deserve a day to celebrate

The heroic father you are.

You're doing a wonderful job taking care of us

And so we'd like to have an applause for you dad

Build up the Bond: Strengthening Father and Son Relationships

I love you because you're my father,

But you are really so much more

We bond so well

Because you always pay attention to me

And listen to what I say

You tell me words of wisdom,

Guiding me in my dark path of life

Whenever I fall back

You always take me back on track

You are my perfect father

And I'm your greatest fan!

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