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College Education


Struggles that university students go through, but parents are not aware.

Depression is one of the major problems that students face but parents are not aware of. It has led to many deaths and diseases. Parents believe that their children are always okay as long as they have food and shelter. But the truth is, there is more than just food and shelter. Students find it difficult to tell their parents about their extra needs or even opening up to them. Depression is mainly caused by lack of enough funds which then leads to students using part of their school fees for the extra needs. When deadlines approach, the students are stressed because they don't have a source of money to clear school fees yet the parents know that they paid it all already.

Other challenges students go through is drug and substance abuse and hunger. May students have one meal in a day, and the meal is mostly a cup of strong tea and mandazi. It becomes difficult for them to concentrate given that the other classmates are having heavy and expensive meals. Parents should create a culture of being close to their children. This way, the children will communicate anything anytime and hence lessen the challenges.

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