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"Don't Judge Me" Woman Explains Why She Chose Sperm Donor


"When I turned 47, getting a child became difficult. At 48, menopause kicked in and I couldn't get my periods. I didn't give up. I started visiting doctors and one told me, with technology, I could get pregnant. I was 51. I told him I have reached menopause, and he said it was not an issue." 52 year old woman recounts.

Thanks to science and technology, it is now possible for women to conceive after menopause or postpone their childbearing to a later date.

The story of Jemimah Okutu, secretary, is a great sacrifice and love. She dedicated her entire life to raise her siblings on a meagre earnings following death of her parents. Nothing, not even a man or marriage would distract the love Jemima had to her siblings.

By the time she was done, Jemima's biological clock was ticking away. Who would care for her in old age? She badly wanted a child of her own. With no man in sight and advanced in age, she went against African African norm and opted a sperm donor.

Therefore through IVF Jemima now is a proud mother of twin girls who are currently four months old. She reveals that God answered her players despite not getting married.

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