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How to Know That Your Child is Intelligent

There is not really a specific quantity to define intelligence although it can be seen in people with a high IQ, this means that people with this personality are highly creative, productive and uses their brains in solving more difficult problems. It is the joy of every parent to have an intelligent child who can be more productive in the future, here are some of the ways to know that your baby is intelligent.

1. Reaching milestones faster than others or earlier than the expected time.

Every stage of a child's life has its own turning point in growth and development but some babies reach these milestones faster than others this is an indicator of intelligence.

2. Communication

Intelligent babies have exceptional communication and language skills, they start to speak and construct statements earlier than others.

3. Concentration

Genius babies have the ability to concentrate keenly on what they have set their eyes on especially before reaching 6 months. This ability allows them to learn things faster and easier.

4. Curious

They are very eager to check on new things they see around, they ask a lot of questions as they want to know more about something.

Photo courtesy of Allan Mas from Pexels

5. Strong emotions

Intelligent babies find themselves with strong emotions whether positive or negative, they can easily feel happy when connecting to people and can suddenly get sad as they are sensitive too.

6. They strive for what they want or need.

You might have seen your baby trying to grab something from another baby with a lot of determination until he/she gets it, this is one of the signs that your baby is actually intelligent.

7. Vigilant

When you notice that your child is very observant or wide awake to the changes in the environment or they maintain longer eye contact with someone holding them, this is considered a characteristic of a clever baby.

Courtesy of Sarah Chai from Pexels

8. They enjoy space of their own without being bothered.

When you find out your baby feels comfortable playing alone with toys or even prefers having few friends, it's a sign of intelligence.

9. They are quick to solve problems.

Babies are considered intelligent if they are quick to try to solve problems among their peers, they are creative and imaginative, can do several things to come up with a solution to a challenge among them.

Photo courtesy of cottonbro from Pexels

10. Rarely sleeps.

These babies take a longer time to fall asleep as they prefer to stay awake than sleeping. They are super active compared to other kids of their age and find it difficult to relax their brains.

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