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Parents with these Blood Group Produces Genius Children

Each parent is thrilled when their children mature and become well-liked by the general public. It's difficult to raise such intelligent children.

Disc-shaped cells with concave sides make up crimson liquid blood. Its job is to transport nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, as well as to remove waste (carbon dioxide and hormones). The four blood types are A, B, C, and D.

There was no correlation between the cognitive quotient and any blood group (p 0.05). As a result, the researchers concluded that there was no true relationship between blood group and IQ. This conclusion not only confirms earlier findings, but also piques interest in additional investigation.

Children with blood type AB have a higher IQ in the vast majority of cases. AB blood is found in the majority of bright persons and scientists.

You'll discover that many children of AB descent are more trustworthy and honest if you wander around and try to collect blood kinds without bothering particular children. According to studies, those with AB blood have the greatest IQ.

Their children can have blood types A, B, or AB if they marry someone with blood type AB. You are more likely to have a bright child if you meet someone of type AB heritage who is also of type A ancestry.

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