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6 Main Causes of Miscarriage Amongst Women

Major causes that can lead to miscarriage:

1.Chromosome abnormalities

Most pregnancies that occur until the twentieth week are caused by this problem chromosomes carry genes that identify human nature on the outside, namely its gender, its skin colour, its eyes and many other things. These chromosomes contribute greatly to miscarriage.

2. Infections in the uterus

Swelling of the walls of the uterus or the inflammation of the tubes also contributes to the miscarriage of the woman, but candida or fungi also contribute significantly to miscarriage.

3. Frequent Abortions

Women or girls with a tendency to have one or two or three abortions are also diagnosed with miscarriage as metal replacements can damage the neck of a woman's cervix, as well as suffer from miscarriage.

4. Sexually transmitted diseases

Diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis often affect a woman's reproductive system, especially in the uterus, making it weaker, and even when pregnancy is conceived, it can get out more quickly, causing miscarriages.

5. Diabetes in a woman

This also contributes significantly to miscarriage and someone who does not do close monitoring of the sugar problem then causes glucose not to be used as energy, causing harm to the cervix especially pregnancy.

6. Hormonal imbalance

For example, progesterone hormone often does the work of keeping the pregnancy continue to grow, if there is an imbalance with this hormone then often this problem of miscarriage occurs.

Signs of Miscarriage.

1. The first major sign is blood. Light blood from a woman with pregnancy.

2.The second biggest symptom is the woman bleeding with blankets and is heavy.

3. Other major symptoms are fatigue and pain in the back and waist features.

4. Severe abdominal pain when a woman is pregnant.

She also suffers from severe abdominal pain, accompanied by waist pain as well as light or heavy bleeding, so know your pregnancy is at risk of getting out.

It is good to reach a nearby health facility or contact a medical practitioner.

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