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What Masten Wanjala Did To Children While Still In Class 7 Before Turning Beastly

Many people have given different testimonies over Masten Wanjala's past as details reveal that at first, he was a good child from humbled background. The teacher who taught him in class seven and even acted as her football coach said that Masten Wanjala was a very polite boy with a football talent.

He went ahead and said that Wanjala was so friendly to children to an extent where he bought them sweets and 'maandazi'.

"You could not have imagined he would turn into a criminal. He loved children and played with them, including my children. He would buy them sweets and 'maandazi," said Mr. Lukorito.

His father also said that he was initially a good boy from the start, well raised by his parents. However, things fell apart when a certain spirit entered him as bad news started spreading about him. He used to spend more time with children playing with them and shared what he had together.

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