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Pregnancy period

Getting ready for my next pregnancy.

During my first preganancy I was clueless. I knew nothing at all. I kept reading from google and that gave me masive anxiety and when the baby finally came, I realised that I worked myself up for nothing.

So for my next pregnancy, I now have a bit of experience and knowledge with me, I am going to get prepared instead of getting worried the whole nine months and reading up pregnancy articles online. This time im going free style. Ill tell you how and maybe you can pick afew points frim this.

1. Load up on diapers.

Babies use up diapers like no body's business. That I can promise you. So the first thing I'll do and you probably should do is to stock up on diapers. Have diapers in sizes small/new-born size and a couple more on medium. Buy wipes and liners to clean baby up after soiling the diaper to avoid getting those nasty rashes and get yourself some petroleum jelly. Babies use approximately 10 diapers per day when they are between 0-2 months old. Then the number reduces as they grow. Buying in bulk is also very economical.

2.Get some decent shut eye during your pregnancy.

Dont strain yourself. Sleep until you are satisfied, until you've had enough. Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night and when you feel like it have a 2 hour nap during the day. It helps the body relax and rest is good for both you and the baby growing inside you.


They say when pregnant you are eating for two but most pregant women are unable to eat. There's the vomiting and the more than intense heartburn. For the really unlucky ones, we get both. So eating becomes very difficult. Anytime you can have a bite just take it and wait until the next time. Or better yet eat whatever your body likes at the moment. Be it peanut butter, crisps, milk. Take that. Its better than staying hungry.

4. Infant clothes, get as few as posible.

I went shopping for my first as if the world was coming to an end. I bought new born clothes in sack and my baby had out grown them within the first 6-7 weeks. She didnt even get to wear some of them. So when shopping keep in mind that your baby will only be so small for a very small time.

5. Take lots of water.

When I remember the constipation I had during pregnancy, I squirm. Take grape juice and apple juice and water. You dont want to be contipating and labouring at the same time. Trust me.

6. Exercise.

Do simple exercises. You dont need to do intense work out routines even just walking for an hour ia good. Make sure you are not just cooped up in the house doing nothing. Keep fit even in pregnancy. It makes labour easier and quicker.

7.Dental care.

Go see your dentist occasionally during your pregnancy. Take supplements and food rich in calcium. Not knowing this almost made all my teeth fall out.

Make sure you prepare yourself mentally and financially because babies are not cheap. Take care of yourself and find someone to talk to, mental health is a real thing and so is post partum depression. For those already expecting their bundle of joy I pray for you to have a safe delivery and those of us preparing to go there I wish you success. For everyone trying to conceive may that test come out positive.

Anyother ways to prepare are welcome. Leta learn together. Comment, share and follow.

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