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Why cases of children killing parents have increased

Cases of children killing their parents are not new in our society.Between the year 1977 and year 1986,over 300 parents were killed by their own children each year.There are various reasons as to why these children are killing their parent.Many children who kills their parents thinks that they have limited option or no way out and therefore feel so neglected and abused.Although there is no reason that is justifiable to killing a parent.In this article,I want us to check some of the reasons and see why children kill their parents.

1.Feeling unloved

Most of these children who kill their parents,tend to feel like their parents love their siblings more than they do love them.In some families some children are loved more than others,some are favored more than others and some are their parents first priorities.if a child feels less loved than his/her sibling they tend to question why.Children feeling unloved in the family are most likely to even develop hatred towards their parents,in this case its very likely that this children might even kill their parents and even their siblings.Parents are advised to love all their children equally and treat them all fairly to avoid such scenarios.


When some parents are very wealth and don't want to share their wealth with their kids,once they are of age and need financially support to develop some stability in their lives but instead,the parents let them ravage in poverty,some parent do this to help their kids develop characters and this may push the children to killing their parents to inherit the wealth.some children are fully supported but they don't get satisfied and later end up killing their parents to get it all.

3.Child Abus,e

Some children are facing various abuses like sexual abuse,physical,emotional,neglect and maltreatment that causes them to be really depressed.These children blame their parents for abusing them,some blame them for not protecting and standing up for them when they are facing abuses.These children if don't get urgent help they develop depressions,some tend to be violent to everybody including their parents.The society should take a step to report this children abuse to help prevent this parricides and protect children who are facing abuse.


During adolescence children needs a lot of support to overcome the storms from their parents.absentee parents do not experience their children adolescence behavioral change and confront ill manners,this may result to some serious issues.According to psychologist Kathleen M.Heide on her article,Tragedy in the family,she says that ''Those who commit parricide have parents who have not been available to help them. In fact, they are most often carrying adult responsibilities in their families. Indeed, they often look exemplary on the surface, taking care of themselves and often taking care of one or both parents as well as running the entire household.''Parents should support their children during adolescence,provide room for the children to grow and also guide them during adolescence.

5.Mental illness

Some parents are killed by mental ill children.These children have been undergoing medical treatment and some are yet to be diagnosed.This type of children are either abused by their parents but some are well loved and treated.These kind of cases never get to trials since this children are unfit to stand a trial.

All this kids kill their parents because they are all desperate and depressed.Parricide can be curbed in our country if children in adolescence are given room to grow,confronted when wrong.parents should love all their kids equally,protect the from all form of abuses and children with mental illness should be take to the right facilities where they can get help.When children are of age parent should support them financially to achieve their dreams where they can.Parents should never let their youthful children ravage in poverty in the name of disciplining them.The society should also take part in reporting child abuse to the rightful authority to help curb parricide.

Content created and supplied by: erinawmacharia (via Opera News )


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