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Would you rather abort or carry your unborn for 9 months then give him/her for adoption?

Pregnancy can occur at a time when you least expected it for some ladies but some ladies they actually plan for it. Those who plan for it, have agreed to have a child with their partners when it is the right time.

Pregnancy that occur unexpectedly to some ladies, find them when they aren't ready and triggers stress. They find it difficult to talk to someone about what they have found out. They then opt for abortion.

Abortion is the termination of a human pregnancy as we all know. The recommended period is actually before 28 weeks of pregnancy. It can be undertaken through medicines or surgical procedure in licensed hospitals. It's actually your decision to make. You may find someone has not fully made the decision, she is in doubt. Remember also that abortion could have some disadvantages. The question is, do you have the courage to talk to someone about it? Either your parents, siblings or friends?

There are certain side effects of abortion. The side effects are:

1) Bleeding which takes 14 days to stop.

2) Dizziness

3) Drowsiness

4) Cramping and vomiting.

The main disadvantages of abortion are;

a) Death. Someone can die from it.

b) Excessive bleeding, this is dangerous it could depend on the medicine given.

c) Damage of the womb.

d) Infection of uterus.

Can you conduct an abortion when you are in a good relationship with your partner? What are your reasons ? Well it could be you are not ready to be a mother but it is your responsibility to communicate with your partner before undertaking such a decision.

What if your partner was ready to be a father? Don't you think that it can lead to a disagreement and your relationship could end. Some partners actually agree to it because they feel neither are they ready for the responsibility of being fathers.

Adoption is the legal process where other parents raise children who were not raised by their birth parents.

You can carry your unborn for 9 months and when you are due , you make a decision of giving it for adoption. For one to make such a decision , their could be some reasons.

Reasons include:

1) You don't have enough resources to provide for your child on a daily basis.

2) The fear of raising your child alone after your partner left you before you gave birth.

3) You feel like your child deserves a stable family.

4) Some could be in an abusive relationship so they decide to give their children up for adoption and many other reasons.

There's also the joy of being a mother. Having your little one beside you everyday could be your dream come true.

Making decisions concerning your unborn is important. You need to plan for it. You need to be ready for all the responsibilities. You should not listen to those who speak negatively about being a mother. You decide to abort, then think of side effects and disadvantages or be careful about what you have decided. You wish to give your child for adoption, do it with your whole heart to avoid regrets.

Learn to talk to someone concerning your decisions, whether to abort or give it for adoption.

Thank you for reading.

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