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Check Out What Happens When One Conjoined Twin Dies Before The Other

Conjoined twins are twins born when their bodies are connected, they may share a small amount of tissue but they mostly have all the organs and structure they need. Many conjoined twins do not survive in the utero or they die shortly after birth. However, operation surgery can be done successfully in some cases. Not all conjoined twins are candidates for surgery and an attempt to separate them in the first moments of birth is often too difficult to tackle. Surgery requires multiple health care professionals with varying areas of expertise.

When one conjoined twin died before the other, either from natural causes or an unintentional incident, the other twin has limited time on earth. According to specialists when the heart of one twin stops, it will lead to loss of blood to the living twin. To save the living twin surgery needs to be done and separation takes more than 10 hours so they may not save the living twin.

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