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How You Can Tell If Your Child Is Abusing Alcohol

Parenting is a skill that every parent must learn. Every child is a gift from God. Children are very vulnerable to influences andd challenges. It is your responsibility to bring up the topic of alcohol and the dangers to them before it is introduced by others.

Persuasive advertisement to children will confuse the facts and initiate fantasies about alchohol to the children's brains. Any exposure to such advert must be followed by a debriefing by parents, teachers and the clergy to reduce suggestibility and impact of the advert.

A child who abuses alchohol can become a victim of physical and social illness such as early pregnancies and contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections including HIV.

The following are some of the signs to look out for:

1. A sudden switch in friends

2. Breath smells of toothpaste or onion all the time

3. Chewing gum early in the morning

4. Your money goes missing

5. Keep distance when talking to you

6. Secretive behaviour

7. Truancy

8. Edginess and defensiveness

9. Emotional mood swing

10. Shows signs of depression and suicidal thoughts.

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