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12000 Out Of 16000 Students Tests Positive For STDs In Kirinyaga High Schools After A Health Survey

12000 Out Of 16000 Students Test Positive For STDs In Kirinyaga High Schools After A Health Survey

As reported according to the sources, a health survey was conducted in different schools after cases of STDs were reported. Out of 16000 who were tested, 12000 of them had different types of STDs and they were on medication. After interrogation, they revealed that the majority get into immoral behaviors while on school bus trips for academic duties.

The majority of students are day scholars who revealed that they usually meet on weekends and engage in this immorality behavior after lying to parents that they are having discussion groups at neighbors' places.

The officer advised parents to monitor their kids because those discussions never happen in the first place and it's always a way of getting an excuse to leave home. He said that on Sunday, parents should take children to church and have random afternoon talks to teach them morals.

High school students are at a risky teenage stage and this is the role of both parents and teachers to sit down with their students and have a talk so that they can discuss moral values.

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