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The Best Age For Ladies To Have Children And Why

Having kids is the desire for every lady. With this comes the question of the best age to have the kids. It's important for ladies to know this age as it will help them know whether they're on the right track in achieving their life goals.

Going by health experts opinion, the best age for ladies to bring forth new lives is when they're in their early 30s or late 20s years of age. I too concur with this reasoning and here's why.

Pregnancy is affected by age

The more a lady ages, the less she's likely to bring forth life. These is caused by menopause and gradual reduction in egg numbers within her oviduct. At birth, ladies are born naturally around 3 million eggs.

The egg numbers dwindle as one ages. By a lady's late 30s, studies indicate the woman has nearly only 25,000 eggs left. When she finally hits her 50s, she has only 1000 eggs at her disposal. Other factors apart from age that may ratify this process are smoking and imbibing large amounts of alcohol.

There's some merits with giving birth early

Giving birth for example in your 20s rather than your 40s could be more beneficial to the mother. Studies show that pregnancy issues among young mothers is usually less compared to their older counterparts. Children born to them are also more healthy and full of life.

There's some demerits with giving birth later in life

A common perception is held by many people that delaying starting a family by ladies would guarantee them financial freedom and better upbringing for their kids. I don't deny this, though, remember the more a lady waits, the more she's likely to miss being pregnant due to minimal chances and the more her kid is likely to have complications.

Giving birth early tends to make your kids financially secure earlier

If you give birth at your early 20s, it means by the moment you hit your 50s your kid shall be already grown and well placed in life. But if you give birth later let's say in your 40s, you'll retire from job whilst your kids are still schooling. This means you'll still have a long way to go to make them financially secure and well placed in the society.

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