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The Minimum Cost For DNA Test Among Various Hospitals In Kenya

Since time in memorial, many parents have been going for DNA test to determine who the real father of a child is. Individuals or couples can volunteer to perform a DNA test if misunderstandings arise in the relationship over a child in order to maintain clarity and reality of the matter. Research shows that some people have also presented cases on court whereby the judge can issue an order for DNA test to be conducted. This arises mostly when most ladies claim for child support from men who think that the child may not be of his own.

The cost for DNA test in Kenya varies greatly from one hospital to another and the following is the minimum cost from various hospitals in the Country according to Daily Nation news.

1.Kenyatta National Hospital - this hospital being ranked as the best hospital in country it offers DNA services in case of disputes by patients or order by the Court. At Kenyatta National Hospital, the cost ranges from Ksh 21000 to Ksh 30000 where the results are always 99.99999% correct.

2.Bioinformatics Institute of Kenya - its usually ranked as the best place to conduct the DNA test, here, if the father in question is not within or around, the DNA test can be done to the brother of the father or any other close relative. The cost starts from Ksh 9000 for the child and Ksh 10000 for the father. The results are said to be more effective and dependable.

3.Nairobi Hospital - This is another dependable place for DNA test although it's ranked among the most expensive. Here, the DNA cost may go upto Ksh 101000 for both the child and the father in question.

4.Easy DNA center - its usually located in Nairobi and it offers best services and it's very dependable by many people. The minimum cost goes to as low as Ksh 20000 for both the child and the father.

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