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Pregnancy period

3 Tips for Flat Tummy after Pregnancy.

1. Tie your Tummy.

After successful giving birth "normal" you have to tie your Tummy. By use of a piece of cloth, carefully and gently tie tightly you tummy by yourself or by help of your friends or just anyone around you. This help your tummy to go back to it's natural position and shape. As your body continue to heal, your tummy will also be taking it's natural shape in its natural position. Go through this process for a period of about one month immediately after you give birth.

2. Apply Jelly.

Ensure you apply evenly your body with enough Jelly. This is meant to protect your skin during bathing. One will have to take bath by using hot water as will be shown in our number three tip.

3. Bath using Hot Water.

You have to take bath by use of hot water, this is to help you in quick healing. It also constrains your tummy into it's natural shape and position. Your body skin will be protected by applied Jelly. Jelly prevents your skin from burning which which may be caused by hot water.

Final word, tieying your tummy may come with some pain, bathing with hot water may come with some pain too but you have to withstand the pain though for a short period of time to realize the results.

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