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5 Simple Tips On How To Use Panty Liners

Pantyliner is a soft and spongy piece of material that is used for feminine hygienic purposes. In this article, I shall share with you simple tips on how to use them.

1. Very much like pads, panty liners can be worn inside underwear and have a sticky strip on the base to keep them in place.

2. A panty liner ought to be set up vertically and wrapped and well-fixed around the gusset of the underwear.

3. A panty liner ought to be promptly changed if it turns out to be more clammy.

4. Try not to wear panty liners around evening time. They should be changed as frequently as conceivable to decrease the odds of contamination.

5. Try not to wear scented panty liners, as they can trigger irritation and distress. Use unscented natural cotton panty liners in place of the scented ones.

6. Pantyliner can be used during post-pregnancy bleeding, called lochia. Lochia endures as long as about two months after labor and it is not harmful.

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