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An Expectant woman spends over 40K on food to feed her eight Children.

A woman in Texas stated that she spends over forty thousand to feed her large family. The mother has eight children and is expectant at the moment.

 According to Tuko, Yolancia stated that a large family is a blessing, and the only challenge she faces is dealing with laundry and other house chores. Yolanda stated that she fits her large family by building double-deckers in each room, and she has a routine that makes things efficient.

Yolanda and her husband are expecting another child in a couple of months. 'I usually go to the grocery once a week and spend around forty-five thousand.' Yolanda stated.

They are never alone, they are always together, and I think that's one thing they all enjoy.'Yolanda stated. Kindly leave a comment on your views about having a large family in Kenya.

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