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Parents Need To Do This To Their Children In Schools Before They Close For Term One Next Week Friday

According to the new academic calendar that was released after the schools resumed from the long break due to Corona, the term one of the 2021/2021 academic is soon coming to an end. We only have two weeks remaining to the closure of Kenyan Schools. All schools are expected to close by 1st October 2021 and the holiday will be for one week.

For now, many of the secondary schools are very busy with their examinations that is termed as End Term exams. Teachers are very busy with the marking of these exams as they are expected to give the results to students and take them home to their parents.

As they prepare to receive their kids back home, parents need to confirm the closing date of the respective schools where their children are. This will help them to prepare mentally to have them back at home. Another thing they need to do is that they need to call the school to confirm whether they have enough transport to their homes as well.

Therefore if you are a parent, please do make sure that the kids have enough of what they need to get home safe for the one week holiday. Many of the cases have been reported where children do reach at home very late at night or some of them reach a day late.

Another thing parents need to do is they need to confirm with the respective class teachers if there are some holiday assignments that has been given to their children. These assignments always keep the students on toes during the holidays so that they should not shift away from the books. Some teachers have been giving these assignments through the whatsup groups that were created purposely for giving them assignments.

Therefore, a well meaning parent need to do these three things before schools close next week. We all need to prepare to receive these kids back at home.

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