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Pregnancy period

Are you pregnant and want to deliver a healthy baby this is what you should do.

Every woman around the world would wish to deliver a healthy baby and as we all know that many women have been struggling to get pregnant.some have prove to be futile which is actually the worst thing that could happen to someone as it has been considered that children strengthens the bond between a husband and wife.

Well the first thing you are supposed to do once you realise you are pregnant is to ask yourself whether you are ready to receive your blessing, are you pschychologically prepared?

Well during your pregnancy there are three trimesters. The first trimester is 12 weeks to conception, the second trimester is 13-28 weeks and the third trimester is from weeks 29 to birth. During the first trimester you will notice alot of changes with your body including: increase in body weight, change of appetite, frequent urination and also change of moods you might get angry at the slightest provocation. In the second trimester the body has adapted to the surge of pregnancy and has adapted to the changes and during the third trimester the mother is almost ready to receive her little one.

Well, many people would always wish to deliver a healthy baby, the first thing to do is visit the doctor so that you can be adviced on different issues you want to know for example you should know your blood group, hiv status the pressure etc this information helps alot in knowing how you will take care of you and your little one during that period.

You should take some tablets during this period untill you deliver called (FOLIC ACID) this is a vitamin B which helps in the growth and development of the baby from conception to birth. This Vitamin also helps in preventing different types of birth defects.

However there are things that one is suppose to do and also which one is not suppose to do. As a pregnant woman you should do the following.1:Regular exercise as this helps to improve blood circulation.

2:Eat alot of fruits as this helps to improve your immunity.

You are not suppose to do the following

1.Smoking or taking alcohol as it affects the health of your baby.

2. Do not carry out heavy tasks.

3. Do not have any kind of stress.

By doing all this you will have a wonderful journey of delivering a healthy baby.

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