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6 Simple Techniques Of Dealing With Temper Tantrums In Children

One of the toughest part of parenting is when children address their anger towards us.Some children grow frustrated easily,they blow up over seemingly minor events and yell.If you are not careful you might find their anger fueling emotions in you and you might end up hurting your child.It's best to make a rule in your home of solving problems calmly and in control.Guidance from a mental-health professional can also be very helpful.

1.Teach your child about feelings.

An angry child shows action by lashing out,he may misbehave to get your attention.To help your child learn to identify and label feelings, begin by teaching basic feeling words such as sad,happy,mad and scared.If he's angry try to make her know she is angry and overtime, he will learn to label his emotions.

2.Create a calm-down poster.

The best way to help a child who feels angry is to teach them specific anger management techniques by taking deep breaths to calm your child's mind and body when they're upset, going for a quick walk, counting or repeating a helpful phrase might also help.

3.Avoid violent media.

If your child displays aggressive behavior, exposing them to violent video games or tv shows may worsen their problem.Instead focus on exposing them to books,games and shows that model healthy conflict resolution skills.

4.Try complimenting.

Good compliments will make your child calm his anger.Tell him when you are not angry you look more hundsome,you shine like a star,by doing so the child will feel encouraged, confident enough to be happy always.

5.Don't give into tantrums.

Some kids discover that angry outbursts are effective way to get their needs met.If a child throws a temper tantrum and a parent gives him a toy to keep them quiet,he will learn that temper tantrum is effective.Although that may be easier in the short term, instead work on connecting with your child so he felt more confident that his needs will be met.

6.Ensure your child attend Sunday school.

Sunday school is important because your child will learn about God,find mentors,make friends,form good habits and have fun all along.The child will also be able to differentiate good and bad deeds.

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